Prom Photography

April 13, 2017

I recently had the honor of taking prom pictures for the daughter of a friend of mine. I got to take pictures of her and her friend before they attended their senior prom and these two were SO much fun. They swear they hate taking photos but they were the best models i have had. Considering most of my models have been animals or children i was jumping at the chance to shoot actual teenagers! I don’t know if i mentioned in my last post but i dropped my Nikon speed light GASP!!! i know right?? but i have been learning more and more about my camera and getting better, i am  ready to upgrade and maybe i should start a fund or have a bake sale or something lol, this is a crazy expensive art form people! These photos were all shot with a Nikon D3000 using my 35mm f2D, since this is a photography blog i figure i may as well share the gear i use 🙂 i also used a Neewer VK750II speedlight in some shots as well. (a cheap replacement for my Nikon but totally awesome) Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as i enjoyed working on them!



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