Dedication to Photography

June 19, 2017

Bear with me its a long one……

Today’s blog is not a typical picture story, however it does involve photography and a special photo.  I have been in love with photography for as long as I can remember, I started in the film days and fell in love from there. My absolute favorite job was working as a photo lab technician at Wal-Mart. Developing negatives and adjusting the giant machines to make the pictures look better was exciting. Now mind you I never got the opportunity to work in an actual dark room,  I did however have to learn the art of changing  rolls of  paper in a dark box with just my gloved hands and not being able to see it, this was done so the paper wouldn’t get exposed.  Basically you put on white gloves that make you look like the ladies that walk around testing to see if dirt is present after someone has cleaned (you know the kind I mean), lug this giant contraption that weighs as much as a Buick into this little black box with arm holes in it. You must put the paper and the box inside and then close it all up, then comes the fun task of opening said contraption, taking out empty paper ream and inserting new paper that is also as heavy as a brick. You also MUST put it in the correct way so the prints come out on the proper side.  So suffice it to say after many blind attempts and fails you get it right. Thus my introduction into film and where my fascination took off.

You may be wondering what in the world this has to do with anything, but I tell you this story to explain to you what today’s blog title stands for. Those that know me know I am a stickler for details, I want everything to be perfect and I try over and over again until I get it to look how I think its supposed to be. When I decided I wanted to pursue my passion as a potential business I jumped in with the same gusto and started researching everything I could get my hands on.  I have signed up and taken (and continue to take) every webinar and training I can find out there on the web in order to gain the skills to perfect everything I know about composition and lighting and how to take great photos. It all comes down to your skill as a photographer and the more you know the better you will become. Practice makes perfect I always believe. So I continue to practice and learn and take every opportunity to grow as I can. Which is also a downside to this business because there is a photographer on every street corner who will charge nothing and give away the farm. How does one compete with that? Here I am trying to establish myself as a professional as well as a desirable photographer all while establishing  a profitable business. It makes a girl question everything and wonder if this is really something I can even accomplish. When my clients book with me I want to be able to give them not only gorgeous photographs but an experience to remember and keep them coming back and hopefully bring some friends 🙂

All this to say I am happy to have a platform to display my work on and let people see what I have been working on and what I can do, as well as hopefully become an even better artist in the future.  I hope to create memories people can cherish for years and become someone in this industry if that is even a possibility. My dedication to learning is my drive and I wont give up, I am working on becoming better at composition photography at the moment. Composting is taking one image and adding it to another or taking a bunch of stock images and creating an entirely new scene, you really can do whatever you want! For my newest creation  I took a previous prom session I did  and a field of lavender that I had on my computer and created the image below. Feel free to let me know what you think, I hope you enjoy it as I had a wonderful time creating it!

High School Senior standing in field of lavender at sunset


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