The cutest Fruit/Milk Bath Portraits and my DIY shabby chic background.

July 9, 2018


Is that image NOT the most adorable thing in the world??? I recently did a Children’s portrait session involving not only a fruit bath but we incorporated the famous milk bath into the mix as well. These have been seen all across the industry and are very popular right now. I enjoy these types of sessions with toddlers because they bring out a lot of giggles and just make them that much more enjoyable.  For this particular session I was going to be on location using the open fields and grass but I wanted to make things a little bit different. So, off i went to the trusty pinterest boards, after some time falling down the never ending rabbit hole that is pinterest I found these fabric garlands people were using for baby showers and weddings and such. This seemed like a cute enough idea so i set out to recreate it and put my own spin on things a bit.

After a trip to Wal-Mart to grab the galvanized tub I needed to put my sweet girl in for the actual portraits, i found some rolls of burlap, lace, and a burlap lace combo all in the wedding section. Then off to Hobby Lobby to find my fabric, that place is awesome i love it. Once i got all my supplies together i had to figure out to actually make the thing and once I got it all together I have to say it didn’t look half bad! It took me about half a day to do and a lot of that was simply cutting up all the strips of fabric to make them into small strips. Once i had all the pieces I needed I tied a long piece of twine to my backdrop stand and started tying the fabric to the twine one at a time. When I had the design how i liked it and enough of the fabric on the strand to my satisfaction than that was it, I had my backdrop!

This was the perfect addition to the fruit/milk bath session, the burlap and lace added to the country feel of the location and it all came together.

Beri Garrett Photography/Muskogee Photographer










The day of the session itself we had a ball just playing and getting as many images as we could, and of course when you’re photographing little ones, big brother has to get in on the action.

Beri Garrett Photography/Muskogee Children's Photographer

I was able to capture the most spontaneous interaction between these two kiddos, it’s amazing what you get when photographing toddlers,  they are never on your schedule and you generally have about a 15 minute window from the time your shutter starts going to get them staying happy. But they are some of the most fun subjects to capture and they are truly a joy to work with. I leave you with one of my favorite images of the fruit bath portion of the session, this precious girl is the best thing ever. Have a good one everyone.



   XOXO- Beri


Beri Garrett Photography/Muskogee Children's Photographer


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