Why are there no cute clothes for boys?? Say hello to the BOYS ONLY boutique!

July 26, 2018

Boutique clothing stores are becoming more and more common, they are a unique and creative way to find cute clothing that allow you to express your personality without the same boring t-shirt from the big chain stores down the road. I love the idea of the small town vibe these little boutique shops have and that they are bringing back the mom and pop hospitality from a lost time in history. There is one particular market that is very limited in the wardrobe department and I am pretty sure most of you mamma’s out there have ran into this particular problem.

What issue is that you ask? Well, have you ever noticed how easy it is to find so many adorable outfits for little girls, seems like every where you go there is a  HUGE selection of the cutest clothing all for the little princess in your life. Now how many of you have gone to see what cute stuff you can find in the little boy section only to be let down by the teeny tiny section of the same thing that you find in pretty much every other store! How frustrating am I right?? Who decided that it was OK to make all these cute clothes for girls and leave the boys out in the cold, our little men deserve some dapper duds too!

INTRODUCING the newest online boutique store for you little boy, please take a moment and go check out AK Threads Boytique. Inspired by the lack luster selection of little boys clothing while out trying to dress her toddler, owner Kara Ledbetter, decided to open up an online boutique devoted to a BOYS only clothing line, selling everything from burp rags to stuffed animals and everything in between.  A sanctuary where frustrated boy mom’s can shop knowing they will find nothing but insanely cute items for their little men.

Have a little boy who loves trains? You can purchase a pair of pj’s that  also include a book with the story about the train on those pj’s! Pajamas that include a bedtime story on the side, win-win! little boy pajamas with book telling bedtime story

One of my favorite items always reminds me of the song Home on the Range, and its not hard to see why. raglan shirt with buffalo on front roam written inside buffalo

AK Threads also has a selection of unique stuffed animals, the smaller ones have a pouch  for your little ones teeth to go into when they are ready for the tooth fairy to come for a visit. They are distinguished by the word tooth fairy on the side, the shark in the photo below has an opening in his mouth for the little tooth, ADORABLE, and also way easier than putting under a pillow. Bonus when the tooth fairy has left they get to keep the little stuffed animal! stuffed toy shark tooth fairy holder

One more adorable item is the matching raglan shirts, perfect for a family who might be expecting a little one and want to surprise the other one that they are going to be a “big” brother soon! What cuter way to do it than with these adorable shirts. raglan shirt with little bro and arrows on front raglan shirt with big bro written on front


All these and more can be found HERE , and you can also check them out on facebook@akthreads15 or on instagram@akthreadsboutique

I was fortunate enough to be involved in this venture as it was being created and  take all the inventory photos, it holds a special place in my heart and is owned by a very dear friend of mine. Having a nephew of my own I have also seen first hand the struggle of finding clothing for him and being met with a few shelves of not so cute outfits to choose from. If you have a little boy or know someone send them over and check it out, you wont be disappointed!


little boy wearing jeans and tshirt kicking rock


*disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with AK Threads and do not receive any monetary gain from any items purchased as a result of this blog.


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